Breast Augmentation in Houston, TX

A Better Fit with Augmentation Mammoplasty

If there is one procedure that is nearly synonymous with cosmetic surgery, it’s breast augmentation. In fact, breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed procedures by our Houston Clear Lake Area practice. A breast augmentation is performed to change the shape or size of a breast. In most cases, candidates seek to enlarge the size and even out the shape, but sometimes it’s more about one than the other. Any breast augmentation procedure will be customized specifically for your needs and desires, whether that’s a better fit for your clothing or for your body. Dr. Polsen is discrete, confidential, and ready to consult with you on any personal transformation you are considering, including breast augmentation.

Because it has been closely associated with cosmetic surgery—and often as little more than a stereotype—for so long, there are some long standing myths about the procedure that are worth dispelling. In most cases, for example, breast feeding function and nipple sensitivity is preserved. This will depend heavily on the extent of your procedure, however. Breast augmentation also does not increase your chances of breast cancer (and mammograms and self-exams can still be performed). Additionally, modern saline and silicone implants go a long way towards maintaining a smooth and natural feel to the breast.

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A quick review from one of our Houston patients:

Breast Augmentation Overview:

  • Change the shape and size of the breast
  • Have realistic expectations of their final result
  • Recovery: Pain and tightness for first 2-5 days

Who is a Good Candidate?

The best breast augmentation candidates are those who have realistic expectations of their final results. If you are healthy and able to withstand major surgery, you should be a good candidate for breast augmentation. There is no age limit for those who can undergo breast augmentation in Houston, TX, but it is essential that the breasts be fully developed before any cosmetic procedures are performed.

The Procedure

When it comes to your breast augmentation, there are many factors to consider. The size, the incision location, the position of the implant can be discussed with Dr. Polsen to fit your unique needs. Dr. Polsen is available to discuss all of your options during a one-on-one consultation. Breast augmentation procedures are performed under general anesthesia, and while it is a common enough procedure, it is also major surgery that should not be undertaken without proper thought planning for recovery.

Options for Houston Breast Implant Procedures

There are three basic types of implants used in a breast augmentation procedure. They each have their strengths and weaknesses.

Silicone: This is perhaps the most well known form of breast implant, though not entirely for the right reasons. There were complications with older models of implants that have since been corrected. In fact, in patients over 22, silicone is perfectly safe, and because of their molecular cohesion, will never deflate. Silicone implants also tend to feel and look more natural overall. Indeed, these implants are preferred by Dr. Polsen and his staff.

Saline: Saline implants are also incredibly safe. By filling the implants with saline—essentially, salt water, we can ensure that if the implant does deflate or leak, whatever liquids escape into the body are entirely harmless. Saline is, in fact, what they will often give to a patient via an IV who has just donated blood or has low blood pressure.

Fat Graft: This type of implant is relatively uncommon, as it takes fat from a donor area of your body and grafts it into the breast. By its nature, it is somewhat more invasive than either the saline or silicone implants, because the fat needs to be harvested from, for example, the abdomen, requiring additional incisions. Fat graft implants are also somewhat less predictable, as a certain, unpredictable percentage of the fat is absorbed back into the body.

Recovering From Breast Augmentation

Most of Dr. Polsen’s Clear Lake, TX, breast augmentation patients experience some pain and tightness for the first 2-5 days after surgery. Following Dr. Polsen’s clear post-operative instructions will help reduce any unnecessary discomfort at this time. Strenuous activity should be avoided for several weeks, until bruising and swelling has subsided. To schedule your appointment or to learn more, contact us.