Why Get a Breast Lift and Breast Reduction Together?

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Should You Get Your Breast Lift and Breast Reduction Together?

Two of the most popular breast procedures on the market today are breast lift and breast reduction procedures. Sure, they aren’t quite as popular as breast augmentation, but there are still hundreds of thousands of women who benefit from a breast lift or a breast reduction every year—and that’s just in the United States. These days, many surgeons—including Dr. Polsen—offer patients the opportunity to get a breast lift and a breast reduction at the same time. In order to understand how beneficial this may be, it’s important to have a clear perspective on what each of these procedures can accomplish on their own.

Indeed, breast lift and breast reduction procedures are growing in popularity for a reason: patients love the results. In the case of breast reduction, neck and back pain can be significantly mitigated. In the case of a breast lift, the actual positioning of the breast can be changed in order to give the patient a more youthful appearance. These procedures allow patients to feel healthy, confident, and rejuvenated. It’s no surprise, then, that getting a breast reduction and a breast lift in Houston is an incredibly popular route for many patients.

What is a Breast Reduction?

Sometimes, the breasts are simply too large for the frame they’re connected to. There are many women who feel that their breasts are just too large. Sometimes, this perspective is simply an aesthetic one. Other times, however, this feeling is caused by physical pain: overly large breasts can cause stress on the body, particularly in the neck and back areas. This can lead to chronic neck and back pain, to say nothing of associated headaches and other issues. After all, the larger the breast, the more weight the individual has to carry. And when your body carries that weight all the time, there are going to be problems.

A breast reduction, then, is designed to eliminate much of that excess tissue. During a breast reduction procedures, surgeons will decide just how much of that tissue is causing a problem and then simply eliminate it. The recovery for this procedure is generally quite quick, and most patients are able to return to work within a couple of weeks. Most patients notice an immediate benefit: neck and back pain improve almost instantly and that improvement continues over time. That’s one of the primary reasons that breast reduction is so popular.

What is a Breast Lift?

Excess tissue can develop as you age—it’s the effect gravity has on, well, everything. That’s one of the reasons why the mass of the breasts can increase with age. But gravity can also change the orientation of the breast. More youthful breasts tend to have a perkier orientation, where as breasts that look more aged have a more downward facing orientation. Life events such as child rearing, nursing, or other stressors can accelerate this downward-facing orientation. Patients who feel as though they lost those perkier, youthful looking breasts a little prematurely are often quite interested in what a breast lift can do for them.

This procedure is generally accomplished in a few different ways; however, the basic principle of all of these approaches involves adding supporting structure for the breast. Sometimes this can be accomplished organically, other times this is done using a kind of “internal bra” structure. In either case, excess tissue (if there is any) is removed from the breast and then the breast is reoriented into that perkier, more youthful position. Patients usually notice this extra perkiness right away and are quite pleased with the overall results.

The Benefits of Getting Breast Lift and Breast Reduction at the Same Time

In many cases, patients seeking out a breast lift and a breast reduction are quite similar. They have often been through a few pregnancies or are genetically predisposed to larger breasts. In some cases, larger breasts develop because of a weight loss. In any case, larger breasts are subject to greater stress from gravity; likewise, gravity can “stretch out” the breast tissue, creating an increase in excessive tissue. The symptoms alleviated by breast lift and breast reduction often go hand in hand. That’s why many patients will get a breast lift at the same time they get a breast reduction.

Getting both procedures at the same time also has the benefit of making the recovery as efficient as possible. Rather than going through two recovery periods (lasting a few weeks each), patients can simply go through one recovery period. In fact, the entire process becomes more efficient and, therefore, saves the patient costs (not only in terms of recovery, but also in terms of anesthesia, hospital expenses, care expenses and so on). Of course, you should always consult with your plastic surgeon to ensure you are healthy enough to combine procedures.

Get Your Breast Lift and Breast Reduction Combined!

The other benefit of having a breast lift and breast reduction at the same time is that, because a breast reduction often addresses a source of physical pain, health and medical insurance may cover both procedures. This will depend on the extent and quality and nuances of your insurance provider, but it’s a great motivating factor for many patients who are looking to finally look and feel the way they want to look and feel.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can get your breast lift and breast reduction combined, contact us at South Shore Plastic Surgery to set up a consultation. Our Houston area breast lift and breast reduction patients rave about the way this procedure increases their confidence, self-esteem, and improves their overall body image! You can look younger and feel great doing it. Contact us today to get started on your transformation!