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South Shore Plastic Surgery Offers Kameh TX Plastic Surgery Options

Serving Kemah, TX

Always Dream Big

In Texas, even our small neighbors have big hearts, and big dreams. We’ve always had a firm belief that you should dream big no matter the size of your home town–but sometimes if you want to accomplish those huge, grandiose dreams, your journey might take you on some long, winding roads. Luckily, Kemah and Clear Lake TX are chummy neighbors, so you don’t have too far to travel to accomplish even your biggest dreams, at least when it comes to aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Charles Polsen is a highly qualified board certified plastic surgeon with experience in procedures as diverse as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, and hand reconstruction. In other words, he’s a great surgeon who will help you unlock your desired new look. He’s got the experience to make it happen, and his staff will make you feel like family while you’re here. We can make your Kemah TX plastic surgery search much easier. That’s what neighbors are for, after all.

With a population barely north of 3000 people, no one’s going to argue that Kemah is a pretty small city. But while it started off as a fishing village, it’s lately become a vibrant tourist destination, thanks in no small part to its position on the gulf. And while Kemah may be a destination because of its vibrant beauty, it’s hard to say the same because of its plastic surgery options. In fact, if you’re looking for aesthetic plastic surgery, Clear Lake TX plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Polsen and the staff at South Shore Plastic Surgery provide world-class facilities and procedures just a hop, skip, and a jump from lovely Kemah. With patients flying in from around the nation for Dr. Polsen’s particular skills, you can trust us when we say the five minute drive will be well worth it.

To Get to South Shore Plastic Surgery:

Take TX-146 to Marina Bay Drive. You’ll want to stay on Marina Bay Drive for roughly 3.2 miles, then look for South Shore Plastic Surgery on you right.